LA-Inter League Tournament A2 and C1

We had our final meet this weekend at the ILT for leagues A2 and C1 held at Monrovia High School. As usual, the teams all did a great job in a challenging environment. There was some last second scrambling to adjust our autonomous modes due to a misinterpretation of one of the rules, but everyone came together to get it working as best as possible before the matches began.

The scores and rankings can be found on the FTC website here:

15041 Driver controlled period

Build days – November, week 3

Final build days before Meet 1. Things are coming together quickly. All teams have more ideas for improvements in the future, but there have been some great advancements since Meet 0.

The teams also have picked new names, but they still need to be updated on the First site so we’ll see when they become official.

Team Number: 13229
Was called “CougarCoders”, and now will be “RoboSquirrels

Team Number: 15041
Was called “RoboGIRLS”, and now will be “We Come in Peace

Team Number: 13889
Was called “Jordan CougarBots”, and now will be “No Chance

Build days – November, week 1

The teams all learned a lot at Meet 0 and seem a lot more focused on their robots after seeing this years game in action. We met twice this week and there is already a lot of progress on updated chassis and work on constructing linear slides to use for stacking.

13229 RoboSquirrels
15041 We Come in Peace
13889 No Chance